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Version: 01.06.2022

The operator of this website, uses cookies to optimise your browsing experience and to better adapt the website to your needs and preferences. This cookie statement tells you about the cookies used on this website and how you can change your cookie preferences. Without your prior consent, we only place cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of our website. For all other cookies, we ask for your permission first.

  1. About cookies

Cookies are small text files that may be placed on your computer or mobile device when visiting websites, and that store certain details to remember information about you, such as your preferred language. In this cookie policy, by cookies we also mean other technologies such as pixels.

More information about the different types of cookies is provided below. For a full list of the cookies used on this website, please see section 2.

Cookies are used for various purposes:

Strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are necessary for the website to function correctly (e.g. maintaining an even load on the website to keep it functional and accessible, or ensuring that a form can be filled in). These cookies are placed without your consent. You can set your browser to block these cookies or to warn you about them, but some parts of the website will not work (properly) in that case.

Functional cookies are cookies that enable the website to offer additional functions and personal settings (e.g. remembering your choice of language, but also playing videos, for example). They may be placed by us or by external service providers that we have added to our pages. We only place these cookies with your prior consent. Please note that if you reject these cookies, it is possible that certain functions will not work (correctly).

Performance cookies are cookies that allow us to count visitors and their origins, so we can analyse and improve the performance of our website. They help us understand which pages are most and least popular and how visitors navigate through the entire site. These cookies are only placed if you have given your consent.

Targeting cookies are cookies that are usually used for marketing purposes, and that serve to collect information about your browsing, searching and purchasing behaviour in order to provide you with personalised advertising based on your personal interests. These cookies are only placed if you have given your consent. If you do not allow these cookies, you will see fewer ads tailored to you.

Social media cookies are cookies that make it possible to share website content with your friends and networks on social media (e.g. via the "Facebook like button"). These cookies may track your browser on other websites and collect information about your browsing, search and buying habits on websites to provide you with personalised advertising and content on these social media networks and other websites. It is possible that these social media networks also use the information they collect via these cookies for their own purposes. You can always find more information about this in the privacy statements of the respective social media networks. These cookies are only placed if you have given your consent. If you do not allow these cookies, you may not be able to see or use the social media buttons.

Cookies may be placed by us as the website operator, or by a third party:

First party cookies are cookies that are placed directly by us and can only be read by the website.

Third party cookies are cookies that are placed on the website by third parties and/or that are used to send certain information about your visit to this third party. This happens, for example, because the website contains elements from other websites, such as images, social media plug-ins or advertising. If the browser or other software obtains these elements from other websites, the cookies placed by those other websites will be regarded as third-party cookies.

In addition, cookies usually have an expiry date:

Session cookies are cookies that are temporarily stored on your computer or mobile device during the browsing session and that are deleted as soon as you close the browser.

Persistent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device after you close the browser and are used to recognise you when you revisit the website. These cookies are deleted after a certain expiry date.

2. List of cookies used on this website

The full list of cookies used on the website is shown below:

3. Your cookie preferences

When you visit the website for the first time, we will ask you about your cookie preferences via a banner. You cannot refuse strictly necessary cookies when visiting our website. These will be placed automatically when you visit the website. Other cookies are only placed if you agree via the cookie preferences. Consent can be given per cookie category. Refusing certain cookies may result in the unavailability of certain functions of the website: for example, without consent for social media cookies, you will not be able to share our products on your social media profile.

You can always change your cookie preferences via the button below:

If you want to know which cookies have been placed on your computer or mobile device or if you want to delete cookies, please refer to your browser settings. You can find more information on how to do this via these links:




Internet Explorer

Firefox (mobile)

Chrome (mobile)

Safari (mobile)

Microsoft Edge

4. Log files

When you visit our website, the website automatically collects data in log files in order to solve any technical problems and to analyze and improve the ease of use, security and stability of the website. We do not need your permission for the use of these log files as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website.

The log files collect the following data: the IP address of the device used and the web pages visited.

The log files are kept for 30 days.

5. Updates

This cookie policy may be amended from time to time, to the extent permitted by the applicable data protection regulations. You can always access the most up-to-date version via the website.

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